The CHESS User Group

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In addition to the two museum partner members of the CHESS consortium, the Acropolis Museum and the Cite de l'espace, a broader community of practitioners related to the CHESS topics form our active, diverse and flexible User Group.
The purpose of the User Group is to act as an advisory board as well as an end-user constituency, helping in the identification of user needs, providing feedback on our design of scenarios and experiences and participating in various phases of the evaluation of the tools and prototypes developed by the project.

CHESS User Group Workshop - Athens, June 2011CHESS (Cultural Heritage Experiences through Socio-personal interactions and Storytelling), which started in February 2011, is a 3-year research and technology development project, funded by the European Commission's 7th framework programme. The CHESS Consortium is comprised of 7 partners, two of which are museums; namely, the new Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece and the Cite de l'Espace science center in Toulouse, France.