Usability and User Experience evaluation at the Acropolis Museum

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The formative evaluation efforts of the CHESS beta system continued before the holidays with a series of studies that took place at the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

On the 17th of December 2012, fifteen visitors of all ages participated in a full personalised storytelling experience in the Archaic Gallery of the Museum using the tablets provided to them. The story was about horses and their role in ancient Athens: "A horse and his friends are stuck in another time dimension. Will you help them find their way back to their time?". Thorough post-experience interviews were conducted.

121217_chess_am_u1_martine_0279_sm 121217_chess_am_u14_despoina_0334_sm 121217_chess_am_u10_giorgos_0316_sm

The next day, on December 18, the CHESS Authoring Tool prototypes were discussed and evaluated in a workshop with a group of museum authors.

121218_chess_am_mtgs_0341_sm 121218_chess_am_mtg_0343_sm